Skillion Electric FatBike

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Factory Visit

Hey great visit to the factory, bikes looking good and we firmed up a few engineering changes.

Skillion Bondi Challenge

Bondi To Sydney Opera House Skillion Electric Fat Bike Challenge What do you get when you cross three blokes with a train, bus and an electric fat bike?

Skillion Speed Test

We've had a ton of questions about the Skillion Electric FatBike and there is 1 question I'm almost always asked: "How fast is the bike?" The legal limit in Australia is 25 kph and we've designed it for that. But it was time to find out once and for all so I took the bike out and gave it a whirl. Using a SmartPhone App that tracks and records my speed I rode along a flat path for about 1/2 a kilometre. NOT touching the pedals at all  and just using throttle control (avoiding dogs, old ladies and small children)... The maximum speed over this circuit was 24 kph (15mph) and the same on the return journey  - fast enough?


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