Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Nettfunder place great importance on your privacy, however we require you to read and accept the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy. Nettfunder is required to abide by the law and as such is required to have and maintain a privacy policy.  As an operational norm, we gather, process and sometimes, share information related to you with third parties. The purpose of this privacy policy is to administer sharing of your information by us and vice versa. By agreeing to this Policy and Terms of Use Agreement, you accept the use and sharing of your information, as outlined in this Privacy Policy. The Nettfunder Terms of Use Agreement integrates and conditions this Privacy Policy.


To show the complete picture in order to enable you to make an informed decision, we have provided a detailed description of our operations, even though it has made the policy lengthy. The privacy rules outlined in this document are applicable to our website address (referred to as the “Site”) and other online entities and social media sites such as facebook and twitter, the collection of which are referred to as the platform. We maintain a similar set of privacy rules across the Nettfunder Trading Community.


You can forward your queries regarding this statement to Nettfunder via email to


This Privacy Policy links to other pages on our Site and other parts of our platform that provide further information. These links have been highlighted for your ease, which you can visit by clicking on them. To get a complete understanding of this Privacy Policy, Nettfunder urges you to visit these links and read the information that is also a part of the privacy rules and applicable to you as Nettfunder account holder.


What information we collect:

The objective of collecting your personal information is to provide you with a personalized service. Therefore, we are interested in only that information which serves the purpose of providing you a personalized, uninterrupted and protected trading experience.


To get complete access to our services, you will be required to provide your personal and contact information by completing our online registration form. You are obligated to provide your full name and in some cases, your financial information, such as credit card information, which is required by us to authenticate your personal and contact information. Such information is required in cases where you are registering with us via free email service or using our Site to post a project, and in similar instances.


Some information is collected through monitoring and analysing your behaviour; behaviour such as which link brought you to our Site, which website you visited next, your choice of browser and IP address etc. This provides a better insight into our users and provides us data to shape our services in order serve you better. This data is processed in batches.


For this purpose, we utilize data tracking tools such as “Cookies” on specific pages of our Site. These work by finding a place on your hard drive and gives us data that helps us in providing personalized services to you. We utilize Cookies in various ways, for example, you can access certain features only by using a Cookie. Cookies provide benefits such as reducing the requirement to enter your password repeatedly during a session. But also enables us to direct you to information that is useful for you. These Cookies are not stored on our website, they are stored on your hard drive and most of them being session Cookies and as such are erased once you terminate the session. However, you are empowered to restrict these cookies as a consequence of which you might have limited access to our services and might need to enter your password more frequently.


In instances where third parties have created webpages on our Site, they may also place cookies or other tracking devices on those Site pages. While using our services, you may come across these -these cookies are not controlled by us.


We gather data about your trading patterns when you back a project or upload one on our Site. We also accumulate comments of other users’ concerning you.


We may gather further information concerning you that is required by us, such as your credit card details (number, expiration date, information about the Bank whose credit card you hold etc.) and billing address.


The information we receive through messages you post on our Site as well as on other message areas (or if you provide any feedback for other users) is further information gathered and saved by us.


We gather and save the information we receive through your personal correspondence with us via emails, letters, etc., or correspondence we receive from other users and third parties concerning your online activities. A file particular to you is created and all information is saved in that file.


We gather and store information received by us in cases where you subscribe to Nettfunder on some external website, utilize services of a website providing services for Nettfunder or a website assisting you with utilizing services on Nettfunder. This includes your personal information and information concerning your activities on Nettfunder.


Your payment information, credit card or debit card, is not gathered or saved by Nettfunder on its servers or databases. Such information is disbursed via secure means by utilizing the encryption ability of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and handled via secure third party payment gateway (PCI DSS Complaint).


Age and access to the site:

If you are below the age of 18, you are required to use our services under directions of your parents or guardians. In this regard, we request that you do not provide us with any personal information. Membership of the Nettfunder Loyalty Program requires that you are over 18 years of age.


Use of Information:

Your information, acquired and stored by us in your file as well as that gathered based on your past and current activity on our Site is utilized for several purposes. We use this information for sorting out issues, troubleshooting, making sure trading on our Site is safe and in implementing our Terms of Use agreement. We use this information to chart out any trends as well by comparing information of several users. For example, we can trace whether a number of users has a specific issue and using these we can resolve issues more effectively. We also use your information to detect people using multiple usernames or aliases.


We use information concerning your address and billing details to send you bills against your utilization of our services when you upload a project on our Site. We use this information to provide related support as well.


In order to shape up our Site according to your needs and provide you with an enhanced personalized experience, you accept the usage of your information:


Utilizing your information for above-mentioned purposes will allow us to provide you an enhanced, uninterrupted, secure and personalized experience while using Nettfunder.


By accepting the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use Agreement, you subscribe to us providing content of your interest, determined by analysing your information, including administrative notices, new products, upgraded service and other information that we feel could be relevant to you, based on your activity pattern on our Site.


Disclosure of your Information by Nettfunder:

Even though Nettfunder follows industry standard practices while protecting your personal information, in special occasions, we might be required to disclose your personal information to sources that are not mentioned in this Privacy Policy. This could include disclosure of your information to the Government or third parties in instances as mentioned below in detail, in the “Legal Requests” section. In certain cases, third parties could illegally get hold of private interactions. Hence, regardless of us following industry standard practices, complete safeguarding of your personal information and correspondences cannot be guaranteed and therefore we do not guarantee 100 percent safeguarding of your information. You should also not assume complete privacy of your information.
We are not in the business of dealing your information, as a rent or sale, to any third party. Apart from that, by accepting the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use Agreement, you agree to the admission of your information by Nettfunder to the following:


Other Users’ Information and your use of it:

Nettfunder provides all users limited access to other users’ contact information. This is done in order to encourage communication between the members of the Nettfunder community. If you have uploaded a project, contact information such as full names, email addresses and other contact information of supporters of your project will be available to others. Similarly, if you have supported other user’s project, the user who uploaded or made the project contact information (including their full name, email address and other contact information) will be available to you.


As a Nettfunder community member, by accepting our Terms of Use Agreement, you accept that the personal information that you acquire concerning other users’ through our Site, communication related to Nettfunder and/or any transactions facilitated through Nettfunder, can only be used for:



Apart from what this section permits, you are not allowed to disseminate personal information of users’ without getting approval from Nettfunder and approval of the user whose information you have to share, after providing them with the necessary and appropriate details of your requirement. Before sharing personal information, you are required to give to the users the opportunity to take themselves out of your database and an opportunity to analyse what data you have gathered concerning them. Be reminded that officials of law enforcement and other person’s with rights are authorized rights in regard to information they access.


Nettfunder and its users’ cannot tolerate spam. Hence, you are not authorized to add a Nettfunder user to your email or physical mail list until they agree to this. This is the case even if it is a user who has been involved in trading with you. In this regard, it is necessary for you to provide them complete and appropriate information. If you have any knowledge of such spam being practiced by other Nettfunder users, you are requested to forward an email to


Password controls:

All users hold the responsibility associated with your password. It is recommended that you do not share your password or other related information to third parties. If you do provide your password to external parties in order to utilize their services, then you accept the sole responsibility for all activities undertaken using your password. Therefore, it is advised that you thoroughly review the Privacy Policy of external parties. In case control of your password lapses, you may be exposed to the risks of losing other information and would be responsible for any legally binding actions taken in that case. If such a situation arises, you are advised to immediately change your password by following steps provided in this policy.


Personal Information Changes:

Once you are registered with us, you have the option of reviewing and changing the information you provided to us while registering with Nettfunder, including:

Information of your registration such as your name, company, address, city, state, postal code, country, primary and secondary phone number, fax number and gender;Your password (if you have provided information concerning it).


If there is any change in your personal information, you must immediately update your profile accordingly. You cannot change or delete any of your posts in our forums or other areas of sending messages or providing feedback, after posting the message or comment.


You can forward your request for disabling your Nettfunder registration by emailing the request to Your account, contact information and financial information will be removed from our live databases within reasonable time as prescribed in our deactivation policy and in line with the law.


In some cases, we will hold on to your information that we have gathered in your file to aid us in preventing fraud, resolving issues, troubleshooting and helping with any inquiries, and to implement our Terms of Use Agreement and to follow the law.


Due to technical reasons and because we regularly take back-ups, your information cannot be completely deleted from our databases. Therefore you should expect Nettfunder to have some information concerning you even after you have requested for removal from our databases. That said other users and external entities would not have access to this information, the exception being Nettfunder personnel and for issues regarding legal investigations and under the law.


Email Tools:

You can use Nettfunder message sending services or other email sending services to only disseminate content that is as authorized by our Terms of Use Agreement or Privacy Policy. You are forbidden to disseminate spam or any other content not in line with our Terms of Use Agreement or Privacy Policy.


Other parties that collector information:

Apart from where mentioned, this Privacy Policy only governs the use and sharing of your personal information by Nettfunder. It does not contain the details of Privacy Policies concerning any third parties, external entities or other users of this website or other websites. Others have their own Privacy Policy terms and conditions which they follow. Third party advertisers follow their own Privacy Policy. These are not under the control of Nettfunder, rather they are under the control of these advertisers and therefore these are to be adhered to by you as well. In this regard you must thoroughly go through the Privacy Policy before providing them any information about you to others.


Internet Security:

We do our best, in line with industry standard efforts to protect the privacy of your information by using firewalls and Secure Socket Layers, and ensure protection of your information available on our servers situated in United States and Australia. Nonetheless, be aware that there is always some risk to security on the Internet.


Notice of changes:

Nettfunder upgrades this policy on regular basis on feedback provided by you and to review our information collection and data sharing practices. The changes in the policy are communicated through announcement board and sending email(s) to users and will be implemented no sooner than 30 days from such changes. Such a notice allows you to notify Nettfunder to provide feedback on the suggested changes if you do not agree with them, as described in this policy.


For any queries you might have, feel free to contact admin