Nettfunder is a platform for to raise funds for Creative projects.

It is a platform, open to all the projects that meet our guidelines. We have non-negotiable rules and some useful tips and guidelines so that Creators can proceed quickly towards successful funding campaigns.  If you do not have any idea whether your project matches our instructions or if it is appropriate for funding or not; then begin from.

Project Instruction

Nettfunder projects must be:

A project

All campaigns should be projects.  Projects must have clearly defined results, objectives and time frames should be clearly stated in the campaign media. It does not matter what your project aim is, just explain clearly what your funds are to be used for. You need to have fixed objectives and speak clearly about what are you going to do, when you are planning to do it and most importantly why!

Projects should be part of a Nettfunder group

Projects should match one of Nettfunder’s categories these are; Products and Technologies.


Projects can be fixed or flexible funded

At Nettfunder you can choose between fixed or flexible funding, but once the campaign begins you cannot change it.

Fixed funding or all-or-nothing, has a number of advantages:

It’s less risk for everyone. If you need an amount to complete the project it’s going to be tough having less than that and  all the backers expecting you to complete the project regardless.

It motivates,  if people want to see a project come to life, they’re going to spread the word.

It works, of the projects that have reached a 3rd of their fixed goal, the majority reach the fixed funding goal.


Flexible funding or Keep-all, has a number of advantages:

If you don’t quite reach your goal, you can still receive the amount raised.

If you the exact goal is largely arbitrary, then setting a fixed goal may not have any relevance.

Some projects are not tied to a fixed amount, for example making a contribution to a good cause, were every dollar will help.


Nettfunder offers a choice of either fixed or flexible funding

At Nettfunder you can choose between fixed or flexible funding, but once the campaign begins you cannot change it.

Unlike other platforms the fees charged are the same regardless of the type of funding chosen, the choice is yours.

However, Nettfunder will review each campaign in order to ensure backers receive a fair reward without undue risk and reserves the right to not approve a project and to cancel a project if this is deemed to not be the case.


Maximum contribution or Perk

The maximum contribution offered or pledged is $2000.00 AUD.

However, the maximum single contribution to a Perk that is a product is  $100.00 USD via Paypal. However, for Perks that are products via Stripe this limit is $2000 AUD.

The ‘sweat -spot’ for contributions is $25.00AUD

However, all Creators should consider offering Perks  from $1 upwards.


Project Duration

The maximum project duration is 90 days the minimum is 14 days.

The ‘sweat -spot’ for project duration is 30-45 days.

Project duration cannot be modified when the project has commenced.


Number of projects per Creator

A Creator can run only two campaigns at one time.


Number of projects per 12 month period

A project Creator can run another campaign when the first has been completed.

Nettfunder has set an allowable maximum number of campaigns in a 12 month period to be four (4).
However, Creators that have not completed a successful campaign will need to demonstrate that subsequent campaigns are viable.
Also, Creators that have received funds from a previous campaign must demonstrate that their commitments to Backers have been met before subsequent campaigns will be allowed.
Typically a successful Creator would be running only 2 campaigns in any 12 month period.


Maximum amount that can be raised

A project can be proposed to raise up to a maximum of $99,999, this is the total that can be raised over the whole campaign. This is NOT that target amount, the target amount can be as much as this or lower from $99 to $99,999.

Criteria for project approval

Nettfunder Vet each project prior to commencement (see below) and determine for each campaign that the Creator can do as they promise. This is done on a case by case basis and we will consider:

Nettfunder assess whether the project is considered high or moderate risk via our panel of industry leaders, high risk projects will not be approved.

Creators can reapply if they re-plan their campaign to lower the risk.

Project plans

Nettfunder expect our Creators to have well developed ideas. Ideas that they have been created to a high level or technical certainty. This may include fully working prototypes, key aspects of the design mocked up and code written. Nettfunder assists the completion of the product in a manner that otherwise would not be possible.

As a guide the minimum plan should include a set of milestones, such as list below. Additionally it should also include, a definition of the deliveries, a budget, plans to control risks, changes, resources, a quality plan, production &  test plan, and how to control quality. The more complex the project the more planning should be undertaken.

Milestone 1. Early development, develop idea 1-pager
Milestone 2. Completed prototype or developed UI and/or test cases with users
Milestone 3. Complete the Nettfunder campaign
Milestone 4. Complete functional working device/application
Milestone 5. Complete full testing and submission for approval
Milestone 6. Delivery to Backers

Regarding budgets we recommend that Creators declare how the funds will be spent to complete the project and deliver the products. Nettfunder assists the completion of the project and kick-starting of products into the market place. We advise that projects raise what they need to successful in the development and delivery. Creators will go on to be fully rewarded with their completed product and satisfied Backers.

Creator communications

We expect our Creators to give weekly updates to their Backers and to offer insights into the design process, this is a key value add that crowd funding offers. Backers might have an early look at the user interface, or update on the features, or an early look at the prototype. This is another value add for crowd-funding as the Backers give early feedback to the Creators that can improve the product.

Creator control

However, as stated in all our Terms we are not in control, nor do we direct in anyway the Creators how they conduct their project once it has started – provided they do not breach our terms they are in control of the project and remain as valued members of Nettfunder.Product Development is not without risk, we make it clear in Nettfunder terms that there is risk and things sometimes things don’t go exactly to plan. The important thing is that the Creator keeps the Backers informed and keeps making plans to complete the project successfully. Product Development is not without risk, we make it clear in Nettfunder terms that there is risk and things sometimes don’t go exactly to plan we do all we can to help make projects succeed but in the worst case a Backer could lose some or all the funds they have offered.

Finished goods

Nettfunder can also assist with finished goods sales in these cases the delivery is 21 days from campaign completion.

Not For Charity Intentions

It is particularly prohibited to raise funds or ask for donations for the intention of charity.

Nettfunder can be used by not-for-profit organisations and different charities for raising funds, if that organisation has DGR (Deductible Gift Receipt). The project must specifically be named for this purpose and have an exact result and a particular aim rather than for a general appeal for charity.

It is the Creator’s duty to take care that all the receipts must be provided correctly, and they must act under the tax laws. If you are having any doubt, we suggest you consult a tax accountant.

Project or Perks that are prohibited

Nettfunder forbids the Creators of project to offer some items as perks that are illegal including:

Materials that are Sexually Explicit

Creators are not allowed to offer perks as services, conduct and materials that are sexually explicit.

Monetary Perks

Creators must not allow the sharing of profit, selling shares and providing monetary perks. Providing monetary incentives, increasing funds for investment is plainly forbidden.

Lottery and Gaming Perks

Creators must not offer entries in competitions, raffles or any service related to gambling, bets or odds as perks.

Items that are prohibited

Illegal items that are strictly prohibited include drugs and other related medications, and weapons are not allowed to be offered by you as a perk.

If any project violates these laws, the project shall not be endorsed by Nettfunder and will be remove from the platform. You can contact us if you have any query.

Alcohol as a Perk

Beverages that consist of Alcohol as a Perk

Following should be also considered:

Supplementary information

The Act of New South Wales Liquor, 2007

The Act of Queensland Liquor, 1992

The Act of South Australian Liquor Licensing, 1997

The Act of Western Australia Liquor Licensing, 1988

The Act of Victoria Liquor Control Reform, 1998

The Act of Northern Territory Liquor

The Act of Tasmania Liquor and Accommodation, 1990

The Act of Australian Capital Territory Liquor, 1975

Offering Alcohol in Other Countries

Alcohol cannot be offered outside Australia.

Member Conduct

All members are bound by common courtesy. Feedback must be provided constructively.

The posts which are irrelevant will be erased. If personal conduct of an individual is unacceptable Nettfunder may remove the member’s account without warning.

Nettfunder is all about developing a group or community surrounding you inspirational project and motivation, so motivate each other, and be nice.



If you want to create projects on Nettfunder, you age must be above 18 years.


You must to have a bank account, contact number, address of your residence and a photographic driving licence and passport which is recognised worldwide. All the copies provided by you must be complete and should display present legality.

Advertisement of Your Project

All the users of Nettfunder must observe patent and academic property laws. The Creators of projects must not post copyright data without having the proper rights. If any material, is brought to Nettfunder’s consideration, it will be inspected thoroughly and may be removed from the platform if found to be in breach of copyright.

Creators should do all they can to advertise their project, but everyone dislikes a spammer.  Verify before sending bulk mails to your supporters, as it is really annoying and it can also turn out to be illegal. You must know you duties under the rules for marketing online in your state.

All members and users of Nettfunder must abide by the Nettfunder Privacy Policy and all of our terms of use policy.  If members violate these conditions, it may result in the suspension of your account or project, and even elimination from website.