Skillion 2 pre-order deposit


Skillion X on jetty

Skillion X friends only project has had hit a home run with all deposits pledged and the bike built and ridden by all  - who are in the country 🙂

Nathan having a test ride...

The first prototype has been built and we have to collect those orders for the bikes..


We've added powerful upgraded disk brakes, this overcome the extra rolling momentum the fat-tires produce and you can stop these bikes on a dime with just one brake (ok maybe not a dime) maybe a 50 cent coin. We've kept the light alloy frame but added front suspension, a head light, an extra 10% bigger battery and upped the max load to 120 kgs to make it that bit tougher. For Smarts the Skillion X comes with a Pedalic system, this automatically provides power when your pedalling in levels depending whether you want range or power by a flick of the switch.

Disc Brakes


Front Suspension


10 AH Battery


Display and Pedalic Controller


But the really big deal is the motor. We've moved over to a Mid-drive, an 8Fun 250Watt motor. This is 25% more power than the original Skillion and being in front of the gears, means you get the increased torque to rip up the hills!

Mid-drive 250W motor


Here's the complete specification;

  • Motor  250w 8FUN mid drive motor Light weight high speed brush-less

  • Battery    36V,10Ah Li-ion SAM-SUNG cell (250w)

  • Frame    6061 aluminium alloy

  • Tires    26" ×4.00 wide tire

  • Rim    Al alloy double wall and CNC side wall

  • Saddle    mountain style saddle

  • Stem AL Alloy

  • Front fork    Al alloy full suspension fork

  • Front brake    Disc Brake

  • Rear brake    Disc Brake

  • PAS    intelligent pedal assistant system

  • Lighting    front light LED

  • Speed gears    SHIMANO Tourney 6/7 speeds gearing

  • Rear dérailleur    SHIMANO

  • Chain wheel    AL alloy crank

  • Chain    KMC Rust resistant chain

  • Max speed    25km/h (EU/AUS)

  • Range    50 km* with 36V/10Ah Li-ion battery (PAS).

    • range depends on terrain and riding style

  • Max load    120kgs

  • Net weight    26kgs

  • Charger    AC 100V -240V 2 amps smart charger

  • Charging time: 4-6hours

  • 12 month warranty on select parts

  • Water proof Bottom Bracket

  • Options

    • Kickstand

    • Wide saddle

    • Extra long seat post

    • Extra battery

Electric Bike-19Electric Bike-21Electric Bike-26Electric Bike-28Electric Bike-34Electric Bike-50Electric Bike-64

The Project FAQs

Q: How long before I get my bike?

A: 30-60days

Q: What is the warranty?

A: 3 years on the frame, 1 year on other components not including the brake pads and tires.

Q: How can I get my bike serviced?

A: Contact us at Skillion bikes and we will arrange a service.


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